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We value the good opinion of our patients. Read what some of them are saying about the Ophthalmology Group

Prior to Lasik surgery, my daughter Andrea could not distinguish the features of a person standing right in front of her; she now has 20/20 vision. After my multifocal lens implants, I now have 20/15 vision. No discomfort, no more glasses. Thank you Dr. Gillespie!

Ben E. Clement, Jr.

Several years ago the only way to make me see 20/20 was Toric contact lens or glasses that corrected my astigmatism which has always been complicated.  After Lasik I see better than ever and said good-bye to my contacts and glasses.

Mallory P.

I would highly recommend Lasik to anyone.  I wish I had it sooner.

Colt G.

I wish I could have had Lasik sooner and would have if I could have afforded it.

Aletha N.

I expected good vision after Lasik.  I have great vision! Thank you Dr. Gillespie.

Nick M.


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The Opthalmology Group

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